Space Series

The SPACE series follows the women and men of NASA as they balance falling in love and exploring the cosmos.

The women are smart, the men are hot and hilarity always ensues as these characters prepare for lift off into love.

Houston, Prepare for Countdown...

Space Junk: Houston, We Have a Hottie

NASA engineer Dr. Jackie Darling Lee is a genius about many things...

the male species is not one of them, despite the many cowboy romances she reads.


Then a little friendly blackmail from a co-worker has Jackie walking into a Texas saloon ready to initiate Operation Social Life.

After making friends with her waitress and helping a drunk country beauty get home safely, she thinks she’s off to a good start.


Flynn West left his family’s rich ranching life behind after discovering his girlfriend’s gold digging ways.

Now he specializes in vintage muscle car restorations in his own shop in Houston. He’s taken women off his radar, until a wild-haired blonde drags his drunk little sister through his front door.

The moment he sees those thick, black-framed glasses on that slender nose, Flynn’s captivated.


Ignitions ignite, and not just from Flynn’s skills at hot-wiring cars.

But in the midst of the International Space Station being threatened and old flames reappearing, can Jackie and Flynn let go of old hang-ups long enough to reach the end of their Happily Ever After countdown?


Or will it be a failure to launch?


Space Cowgirl: Prepare for Lift Off

Astronaut Julie Starr knows nothing is earned without blood, sweat, and frizzy hair.


On her way to becoming the youngest Commandeer ever, she isn't about to let a stalker derail her goals.

Or a chivalrous, wealthy, rancher for that matter either. 


Holt West doesn't mess with flirts.

And that's exactly what the smart-mouthed, out-of-this world beauty is.

He has enough on his plate trying to get back into his family's good graces, he doesn't need to be distracted by curly hair or long legs clad in leather pants. 


But when Holt's brother and Jules' best friend decide to get hitched, they're thrown together as best man and maid of honor.

Jules take the opportunity to hide out from her stalker while doing her bestie a solid by planning the wedding of a life time. She's an astronaut for god's sake, how hard can planning a wedding be?

Holt goes overboard, taking on a full scale renovation at the West ranch for the wedding. Ensuring that a certain feisty, control freak, maid of honor sticks around that much longer. 

Between Jules vying for a record-breaking promotion and Holt fighting a losing battle with his heart, can the two of them get it together enough to plan a wedding, stop a stalker and say yes to the ride of their lives?

Or is this mission a no-go?



Space Oddities:

Ground Control to Country Cutie

Trish and Ian's Story

Space Balls:

Failure is Not an Option

Rose and Bodie's Story


The MAVERICK's series follows three siblings as the try to navigate personal relationships while running Maverick's (think Harrod's, but American) all while dealing with family secrets, stubborn love interests and hilarious road blocks o the way to their happily-ever-afters. 

Satisfy Me, Baby

A Steamy Romantic Comedy involving a Texan Southern belle, a New York City slicker,

a hairless cat and a deep love for Elvis. 

New Yorker Chase Maverick couldn't help falling in love with the family business...

Even though his hard-hearted father told him repeatedly it wasn't for him.

So color him surprised when his golden boy older brother quits, leaving Chase at the helm of the Maverick family legacy. 

But the business is in trouble. It's now or never if Chase wants to prove to himself, and to his father, that he's the right man for the job. 

To do that Maverick's needs a kick-ass marketing strategy.

Texas native Campbell King has a suspicious mind. 

It's served her well in business, especially after she learned the hard way never to trust. 

Eight years after tragedy struck, Bell has made a name for herself in the marketing world. Now she's back in the city that once chewed her up and spit her out.

Determined to keep her stellar reputation, Bell ignores the temperature rising between herself and her new boss. 

With a little less conversation, and a little more action, can this hard headed woman and hound dog man help falling in love?

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