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The SPACE series follows the women and men of NASA as they balance falling in love and exploring the cosmos.
The women are smart, the men are hot and hilarity always ensues as these characters prepare for lift off into love.

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All five books together in a box set for only $9.99 or
FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

The Countdown to Binge Reading begins now.


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Space Junk: Houston, We Have a Hottie

NASA engineer Dr. Jackie Darling Lee is a genius about many things...

the male species is not one of them, despite the many cowboy romances she reads.


Then a little friendly blackmail from a co-worker has Jackie walking into a Texas saloon ready to initiate Operation Social Life.


After making friends with her waitress and helping a drunk country beauty get home safely, she thinks she’s off to a good start.


Flynn West left his family’s rich ranching life behind after discovering his girlfriend’s gold digging ways.


Now he specializes in vintage muscle car restorations in his own shop in Houston. He’s taken women off his radar, until a wild-haired blonde drags his drunk little sister through his front door.

The moment he sees those thick, black-framed glasses on that slender nose, Flynn’s captivated.


Ignitions ignite, and not just from Flynn’s skills at hot-wiring cars.


But in the midst of the International Space Station being threatened and old flames reappearing, can Jackie and Flynn let go of old hang-ups long enough to reach the end of their Happily Ever After countdown?


Or will it be a failure to launch?

SpaceCowgirl Cover ebook.jpg
Space Cowgirl: Houston, All Systems GO

Astronaut Julie Starr knows nothing is earned without blood, sweat, and frizzy hair.

 On her way to becoming the youngest Commandeer ever, she isn't about to let a stalker derail her goals.

Or a chivalrous, wealthy, rancher for that matter either. 


Holt West doesn't mess with flirts.

And that's exactly what the smart-mouthed, out-of-this world beauty is.

He has enough on his plate trying to get back into his family's good graces, he doesn't need to be distracted by curly hair or long legs clad in leather pants. 


But when Holt's brother and Jules' best friend decide to get hitched, they're thrown together as best man and maid of honor.

Jules take the opportunity to hide out from her stalker while doing her bestie a solid by planning the wedding of a life time. She's an astronaut for god's sake, how hard can planning a wedding be?

Holt goes overboard, taking on a full scale renovation at the West ranch for the wedding. Ensuring that a certain feisty, control freak, maid of honor sticks around that much longer. 

Between Jules vying for a record-breaking promotion and Holt fighting a losing battle with his heart, can the two of them get it together enough to plan a wedding, stop a stalker and say yes to the ride of their lives?

Or is this mission a no-go?

Space Oddities: Ground Control to Major Cutie

Trish Garret is a good girl who may or may not be wanted by the law.


A poor decision in her past has her on the run, keeping a low profile while working waitress jobs at local watering holes. But during her latest stop in Houston, she’s managed to make herself a great group of friends she’s always wanted and never had.


When a private detective shows up at her Airstream trailer asking questions, Trish takes it as a sure sign it’s time to pick up stakes and skedaddle. But with her new best friend getting married, Trish is reluctant to leave before the wedding. Biting the bullet, she asks the one man she’s had a hard time hiding her heart from for help.


NASA flight controller Ian Kincaid has spent his life second-guessing the motives of people close to him thanks to the political maneuverings of his father, a Texas state senator. But when he hears a petite brunette in a bar holler “Yoo hoo” in a southern accent thicker than honey and just as sweet, Ian starts making maneuvers of his own.


But after months of false starts, Ian thinks he and his dream girl might never be—until the day she comes calling for help.

Ian agrees to let Trish hide out, trailer and all, on his property where she’ll be free from both prying and private eyes. But only if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend when his father shows up, intending to push his son into a politically-motivated marriage.


Between warrants, political fundraisers, nosey housewives, and drunken bridesmaids, can Trish and Ian rendezvous to love?


Or will their pasts throw them out of orbit?  

Space Balls: Houston, We Have Liftoff

Billionaire Rose West suffers no fools.
Growing up abandoned by her parents and left to the socialite wolves at an all-girl boarding school, Rose learned early on how to survive with a smile, a wink, and cleavage full of cash.

As an oil baroness, a soon-to-be honors graduate from a prestigious university, and a fairly attractive woman --if you’re into big hair and bigger boobs-- Rose is poised to take over the world.
Too bad she has no idea what she wants to do with her life.

Hashtag quarterlife crisis

NASA astronaut Vance Bodaway made a deal with himself a long time ago—be an astronaut, be alone.
After his Army captain father died in action, Vance saw first-hand what losing a husband did to his mother. He promised himself to never put someone he cares about in that situation.
So he keeps his dating life casual and has made peace with not having a family of his own.
Until a feisty blonde with a penchant for glitter and trouble enters his orbit, challenging all his hard-and-fast rules.

Hashtag friends with benefits.

But between Rose’s pole dance classes with Vance’s mom, their hands-free shot contest at the bar, and a run-in with mall security during a Black Friday shopping fiasco, their no-strings-attached booty calls agreement starts to cross emotional stopgaps neither one of them knew they had.

And when a different clock starts ticking, the kind with a “T-minus nine months” countdown, will these two be able to power cycle through their emotional baggage and lift-off into love?

Or will they crash and burn?

Space Age: Houston, Prepare for Launch

NASA Flight Surgeon Dr. Rebecca Sato has earned her dream job.

Responsible for the health and welfare of astronauts who fly through space in the International Space Station, her feet are firmly planted on the ground.


Now she’s ready to explore the next frontier…having a family.


But at thirty-six, the men on her radar are either intimidated by her intellect or not interested in having kids. So she devotes her spare time and energy to the local animal shelter.


At twenty-eight, Houston Lieutenant Firefighter Ryan Cassidy knows he’s an old soul.

Tired of girls his age who only crave a quick hook-up with a good-looking fireman, he’s ready to settle down with a wife, kids, maybe a dog.


When a fire at Johnson Space Center threatens NASA’s medical building, Ryan rushes in, ready to take charge. But he’s blindsided by a calm, compelling doctor who’s already in command of the evacuation. While the fire is easily contained, Ryan can’t say the same for his heart.


Attraction fans the flames, but dating a younger man is not in Rebecca’s comfort zone.


Determined to synchronize their orbits, Ryan volunteers to pose for her animal shelter’s charity firefighter calendar.


Between Ryan’s abs and his love for animals, the wall around Rebecca’s heart starts to fall. Will their age difference be too much to overcome?


Or will they achieve a five-alarm lift-off?

Space Landing.jpg
Space Landing: One Giant Leap For Love

NASA publicist Emily Durham bows to no man. Mostly because if she did, she’d be at an awkward crotch level thanks to her petite stature.
Besides, big things are overrated. Just like a certain astronaut she knows…

Chief Astronaut Luke Bisbee is used to having all eyes on him. Kind of hard not to when he’s the tallest and largest in the room—whether on Earth or in space.
So he makes it a point to smile and look as unthreatening as possible, especially when cameras turn his way.
Bonus points for when every smile thrown at Em, his captivatingly cute PR manager, gets a glare tossed back at him in return.

When NASA’s charity event to raise money for STEM programs spins wildly out of control, morphing into an astronaut bachelor auction, both Em and Luke have to use all their stubborn ingenuity and best camera smiles to keep NASA from looking like an aerospace escort service.

But when the last bid is called and Em is left holding the winning ticket will she finally give into Luke’s gravitational pull?

Or is this mission set to crash land?

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