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Series Prequel

Space Age: Houston, Prepare for Launch

NASA Flight Surgeon Dr. Rebecca Sato has her dream job. Now she’s ready to explore the next frontier…having a family.

But at thirty-six, the men on her radar are either intimidated by her intellect or not interested in having kids. So she devotes her spare time and energy to the local animal shelter.


At twenty-eight, Houston Lieutenant Firefighter Ryan Cassidy knows he’s an old soul.

Tired of girls his age who only crave a quick hook-up with a good-looking fireman, he’s ready to settle down with a wife, kids, maybe a dog.


When a fire at Johnson Space Center threatens NASA’s medical building, Ryan rushes in, ready to take charge. But he’s blindsided by a calm, compelling doctor who’s already in command of the evacuation. While the fire is easily contained, Ryan can’t say the same for his heart.


Between Ryan’s abs and his love for animals, the wall around Rebecca’s heart starts to fall. Will their age difference be too much to overcome?


Or will they achieve a five-alarm lift-off?

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